WinnoBearz NFT is a collection of 5,555 randomly generated, funny, pixelated made, unique, colorful and creative bearz NFTs living on Polygon Network.

Bearz club


Long ago, the WinnoBearz Club lived together in harmony on the Bearz Coast. Then everything changed when the evil nation attacked.

The bearz wizard named BelzeBearz has casted a malicious spell that separated pixelated WinnoBearz heads from their bodies and scattered them around the globe.

The time has come for vigilant heroes to collect the heads and stop the evil fire bearz.

The only question is – will you be one of the HolyBearz ?

Winno&Bees teaser

WinnoBearz NFT

Each WinnoBearz NFT is unique and some others are more difficult to catch.

Find the rarest ones among more than 5,555 possible combinations.

The total value of each NFT is defined by the addition of each layer's point.

  • Raspberry
    Raspberry - 20 %
  • Picnic
    Picnic - 15 %
  • Salmon
    Salmon - 10 %
  • Honey
    Honey - 5 %
  • Beehive
    Beehive - 1 %


  • 5,555 unique WinnoBearz

    Each WinnoBearz NFT is generated automatically by combining 194 traits.
  • Be the luckiest each withdraw

    Each time the team will withdraw funds, a randomly user will be choosen to recieve 5% of the amount.
  • Truly yours

    You can do everything you want with your WinnoBearz NFT. Keep, give or even resell them!


  • Pic team
    Winno E

     WinnoBearz Club 

  • Pic team
    Winno D

     WinnoBearz Club